Get Smart – Lady Margaret Beaufort – Matriarch of the House of Tudor

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This month’s topic “Lady Margaret Beaufort – Matriarch of the house of Tudor” is being presented by Mark Acres, founder of Bloomington Humanities Center. Learn about this great woman of the Middle Ages. Margaret was a powerful lady and was a key figure in the Wars of the Roses between the Houses of York and Lancaster. She actively supported her son Henry Tudor’s claim to the throne and was able to persuade her then husband, Thomas Stanley, and his brother to swap side to support Henry. Henry defeated Richard III and became Henry VII of England. Hear her remarkable story, not the least of which is that she accomplished amazing things while at least outwardly (and sometimes inwardly) accepted the sexist ideas of her time.

Mark is founder, instructor and discussion guide at Bloomington Humanities Center. He developed a life-long love of learning as a student of philosophy, literature, history and anthropology at Cornell University. Since graduation, he has been an award-winning journalist, published historian and author of more that 80 game products and 14 books.

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Get Smart -April 2018